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Poker Strategy Guide

One should always read a poker strategy guide before they start playing poker. Poker strategy guide is mainly for those people who are going to play poker for the first time in their life. There are various things which should be considered before playing any poker game such as:

- Gap Concept – In poker game, gap concept means that a player needs a better hand to play against those who have opened the betting already than he would need to open himself. The gap concept mainly shows that how a player prefers to avoid confrontations with another player and now the calling is the only way to win the game. On the other hand, sometimes opening may also win immediately if the opponents fold.

- Sandwich effect – It is mostly related to the gap effect. It mainly states that when a player needs a stronger hand to stay in a pot and also when there are opponents yet to act behind him. There are many players who don’t know that how many opponents will be involved in the pot and also he will have to call a re-raise or not. And because of this reason only a stronger hand is desired as compensation for his uncertainty.

- Aggressive/Passive play – Aggressive play and passive play, both are different things in a poker game. Here, aggressive play means rising and betting on the other hand passive play means calling and checking. In poker, most of the time aggressive play is considered stronger than the passive play and the reason behind this is the bluff value of bets and raises and it also offers more opportunities for the opponents to make mistakes.

- Hand reading and tells – The process of making an educated guess about the various possible cards which an opponent may have based on the sequence of actions in the pot is called Hand reading. The player always attempts to narrow the possibilities down to a range of hands. This range of hands makes senses which are based o the past actions of his opponents. On the other hand, the detectable change in an opponent’s demeanor or behavior is called tell.

These are some poker strategy guide which is necessary for any poker game. Anyone should have complete knowledge of poker strategy guide before playing any game. One more thing, poker playing strategy is for knowledge not for getting experience. So, one should be careful if they are first time players.